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Work undertaken for Local Authorities, Landlords and Private Customers.

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 WRJ Groundworks  
 are d
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overing Wales and  
 the borders.

Work undertaken for Local Authorities, Landlords and Private Customers.

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official installers in South Wales


WRJ Groundworks work to a minimal disruption solution to replace old or damaged water supply pipes.

We install many water supply pipes throughout Wales and the borders.  Our modern replacement water supply pipes are made from flexible and durable plastic material and will not corrode or break in the manner of traditional metal water supply pipes.

New Water Services

WRJ Groundworks can install a new water supply, from the connection point inside your property to the stop tap on the boundary, distance is no object.

Existing Water Services

Lead Replacement

If your home was built before 1970 it may have lead pipes. A simple check inside your home should help you identify if this is the case. Unpainted lead pipes are dull grey and soft. If you scrape the surface gently with a knife or coin it will expose a shiny, silver coloured metal underneath. They are often uneven in diameter compared with copper or plastic pipes. The service pipe can usually be found under the kitchen sink or where it rises inside your property.

Replacing the water service can eliminate all these disadvantages.

Joint Supply Separation

So many terraced properties in the UK also some semi-detached properties were originally supplied with water through a branch supply pipe system.

The branch supply transports water from the mains supply via one stop tap to two or more properties. These properties can suffer from interruption to the pressure and flow of water.

WRJ Groundworks can solve this problem by installing a new separate water supply to your property.